Design for Manufacturing

NMT identifies the requirements and tolerances of a product by going back to the user need and not driving the requirements and tolerances from what the manufacturing process can produce.

NMT does the engineering to widen the tolerance window to the largest amount possible without compromising performance.

Bringing the right people into the design process early on; receiving input from line workers ensures that a design can be assembled in the easiest way possible.

Focus on reducing part count, reducing complexity of component features, and eliminate fine adjustments in the manufacturing processes, i.e. robust manufacturing.

Designing parts to take advantage of the special considerations of the manufacturing method can reduce parts and complexity. Diverse knowledge of designing parts for Injection molding, stamping/ fine blanking, wire forming, forging, sintering, laser welding, etc.

Design features should align with production capacities, i.e. poka--yoke features should be included for manual assembly processes, alignment features and center of balance should be considered for automated assembly processes.

When possible, reducing post-processing operations will work to reduce the overall cost of the product.

Allow the manufacturing engineers to do what they do best. Only the features and specs needed to meet the users’ needs are included in print. This allows manufacturing to find the best way to make the part.


Nissha Medical Technologies’ Product Design & Development services offer full design control capabilities and is positioned to support the most demanding application. Development specialization includes Learning & Observation, Brainstorming and Visualization, Engineering & Development, Rapid Verification and Validation, Pilot Manufacturing, and Transfer to Scalable Production.


Cross-functional teams take the time to ensure the customer’s needs are well understood and met. A focus on design for excellence (DFX) includes process optimization and lean manufacturing initiatives early in the process to reduce waste and realize opportunities.


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