Surgical Robotics

Nissha Medical Technologies’ vertically integrated design and manufacturing capabilities have helped OEMs advance the field of robotic surgery by creating custom instruments and equipment for their innovative healthcare systems.

Patient Monitoring Electrodes & Cables for Robotic Surgery
  • ECG Electrodes
  • Reusable and Single-Use ECG Cables
  • Single-Use ECG Cables
  • Connector Cables
  • Accessory Cables
  • Patient Grounding Pads
  • Defibrillation Pads
Custom Instruments for Robotic Surgery
  • In-house Vertical Integration
    • Staplers
    • Force Graspers
    • Obturator
    • Vision
    • Vessel Sealers
    • Bone Shaver & Reamer Tools
  • In-house Design
  • Optics Expertise


The Nissha Medical Technologies team is well aligned with their customers definition of value, which is anchored in innovation, speed, quality, and cost. NMT has invested heavily in their ability to vertically integrate key components, sub-assemblies, and technologies as these resources enable comprehensive value across short-and long-term views.


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