Continuous Improvement

​At Nissha Medical Technologies, employees are committed to the journey of reducing muda (waste), increasing quality, and creating standardization at every turn.  Nissha follows a lean roadmap designed to bring standardization to the daily process by creating continuous flow that visually highlights any abnormalities.  This, tied to the culture of stopping to fix abnormalities in real time, ensures sustainability of continuous improvement.

NMT had adopted the practice of Gemba Kaizen. Gemba is a Japanese word meaning “the actual place” where Kaizen reflects "improvement." In lean practices, Gemba Kaizen refers to “the place where value is created” or the concept of continuous improvement.

  • Flow Kaizen and Value Stream Mapping
    • Understand the flow of both parts and information needed to hit OTD; create visual tool to understand benchmarks.
  • Standard Work Kaizen
    • Ensure we are working to the best least waste process we know today.
  • Visual Management
    • Visually see abnormal situations in real-time throughout the entire value stream.
  • Problem Solving
    • When abnormal situations occur, apply proper problem-solving rigor.
  • Leader Standard Work
    • Ensure sustainment of all continuous improvement elements.
  • Lean Leadership Behaviors
    • Create leader/coach to continue to build organization.


Contract Manufacturing is at the core service model of Nissha Medical Technologies. Their manufacturing footprint expands across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean and includes manual, semi-automated and fully automated capabilities.

  • Production Transfer Experience
  • Line Duplications
  • Scale Planning
  • Continuity of Supply
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Advanced Reporting Metrics
  • Cost Transparency & Cost Containment


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