Agile Production Planning

NMT practices employing lean tools and behaviors early in the production planning process to reduce waste, mitigate risks, and realize opportunities.

All too often unforeseen issues associated with a new production launch or manufacturing transfer surface well after the project has commenced and have a high likelihood of resulting in missed timelines and budgets.

  • Continuous Cycle
  • Small, High Functioning, Collaborative Team
  • Multiple Methodologies
  • Flexible, Continuous Evolution
  • Customer Involvement


Contract Manufacturing is at the core service model of Nissha Medical Technologies. Their manufacturing footprint expands across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean and includes manual, semi-automated and fully automated capabilities.

  • Production Transfer Experience
  • Line Duplications
  • Scale Planning
  • Continuity of Supply
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Advanced Reporting Metrics
  • Cost Transparency & Cost Containment


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