Complex Cable Assembly

Nissha Medical Technologies has over 30 years’ experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing medium to high complexity cable assemblies. Their products are used in critical care procedures and demand the highest level of quality.

Custom Cable Assemblies
  • Reusable / Disposable
  • Electrosurgical Cables
  • Patient Monitoring Cables
Private Label Cable Assemblies
  • ECG Trunk Cables
  • SP02 Cables
  • Grounding Pad Cables
  • Interconnect Cables
Cable Assembly Vertical Integration
  • Test Development
  • DV Testing
  • Extrusion
  • Fine Wire Molding
  • Marking/Labeling
  • Final Packaging
  • Assembly


Leveraging advanced technologies, the Nissha Medical Technologies team assists medical OEM’s to advance in their respective markets. Areas of specialization include Surgical Navigation, Surgical Robotics, and Advanced Sensing Applications.


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