Nissha Medical Technologies | Design & Manufacturing is your end-to-end solutions partner in Design, Development and Manufacturing of single use medical technologies. NMT combines their experience delivering high quality results with innovative technologies; enabling their customers product to advance in their respective markets.


Concept & Feasibility

Nissha Medical Technologies employs advanced engineering tools early in the product development lifecycle to guide your project in the right direction. Idea generation, concept rendering and 3D modeling are tools NMT leverages in the concept development project phase.

In the project feasibility phase, NMT utilizes a prototyping stage gate process that includes early feasibility, functional and clinical evaluation prototyping. Prototyping stage gates function as a collaborative process designed to gather critical feedback on device functionality, performance and quality.

Detail Product Design

Nissha Medical Technologies talented design team is experienced at solving the most challenging projects. NMT's unified design approach is built upon core principles of usability, risk mitigation,and quality. The design process utilizes multi disciplinary resources from Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Regulatory and Supply Chain. At every step of the design process, collaborative customer interaction and feedback guides the project from early brainstorming to design freeze.

Product Design Verification & Validation

Design Verification and Validation Phases area confirmation of the design processes. Objective data is used to ensure user needs are met and the design is stable and capable. Rigorous product testing, inspection, engineering analysis and product simulations are performed in the V&V phases.

Process Development & DFM

NMT's process development fundamentals are taken into consideration early on in concept development through to product commercialization. Cost, Manufacturability, Reliability, Quality and Sustainability are all key components of Nissha's process development approach.

Product Launch, Planning & Execution

NMT’s subject matter experts are here to support your organization every step of the way from initial production launch to ongoing life cycle management. The production launch process incorporates pre-planning tools to ensure successful market release and long-term product sustainability. Risk Mitigation, Continuity of Supply and Cost Management are key continuous improvement factors NMT strives to optimize as part of every products life cycle.

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