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Syringe Filters

Filtration Membranes for Laboratory Use

syringe filters

Inline Filter - 50mm

The 50mm inline filter with it's ultra pure polypropylene housing (ultrasonic welded) is designed to contain one or multiple 47mm membrane cycles. The filter comes with 6-12mm tube clips (tapered) at the inlet and the outlet side. Depending on the application the filter can be customized with different membrane types.

Inline filters come with PTFE membranes (for venting applications) and PS and PA Membranes (for liquid media) in different pore sizes, with and without pre-filters.

Due to its high filter area of 1735mm2 the filter is suitable for long term gas filtration / venting applications or it could be used for filtration of higher volumes of liquid (up to approximately 500 ml), depending on the particle load of the filtrated suspension.

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Biomedical Innovations Life Science filtration products are intended for Industrial and Laboratory use in applications such as: sample prep, environment monitoring, fluid analysis, media filtration, and chromatography. Biomedical Innovations filtration products are not for human use.