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Syringe Filters

Filtration Membranes for Laboratory Use

syringe filters

Membrane Type: Glass Fiber

Characteristics: Larger Porosity; able to remove large particulates without clogging
Applications: Primarily used as a pre-filter in conjunction with another membrane. Can be paired with most membranes - but typically with RC, CA, Nylon and PVDF

Glass Fiber membranes are used for preliminary filtration or filtration of media that is difficult to filter. The three dimensional filter surface provides much greater intake capacity for contaminating particles than two-dimensional membranes provide. Glass Fiber is inert to solvents, acids and bases.

Part Number Description Diameter
Pore Size (┬Ám) Pre-Filter Housing Sterile Connections
Inlet / Outlet
5077326D FGF150001 15 1-2 - USV - LLF / LSM
5077325D FGF140001 15 1-2 - USV - LLF / Mini-Tip
5077327D FGF150001S 15 1-2 - USV yes LLF / LSM
5122757D FGF140001S 15 1-2 - USV yes LLF / Mini
5077329D FGF250001 25 1-2 - USV - LLF / LSM
5077331D FGF250001S 25 1-2 - USV yes LLF / LSM
5077332D FGF250001R 25 1-2 - RV - LLF / LSM
5077333D FGF250001RS 25 1-2 - RV yes LLF / LSM
5077342D FGF300001 30 1-2 - USV - LLF / LSM
5120551D FGF300001S 30 1-2 - USV yes LLF / LSM
5077343D FGF300001R 30 1-2 - RV - LLF / LSM
  FGF300001RS 30 1-2 - RV yes LLF / LSM

LLF: Luer lock Female
LSM: Luer Slip Male
USV: Ultrasonic Welded Version
RV: Ring Version

Biomedical Innovations Life Science filtration products are intended for Industrial and Laboratory use in applications such as: sample prep, environment monitoring, fluid analysis, media filtration, and chromatography. Biomedical Innovations filtration products are not for human use.