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Nissha Medical Technologies | Design & Manufacturing’ ECG electrodes are known throughout the industry as the leading choice for diagnostic electrodes. We design, develop, prototype, and manufacture customized electrodes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to overcome any patient monitoring challenge.



  • Polyethylene Foam is 1/16” thick (nearly double the thickness of other manufacturers), with greater strength, less residue, and reduced stretching during placement and movement.
  • Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric Fabric is flexible and thin for easy nesting and breathable for long-term wear and patient comfort.
  • Polyolefin Tape is translucent to allow viewing of the skin beneath, especially useful for sensitive skin.
  • Vinyl Tape is flexible and cost-effective for general monitoring needs.


  • Stainless Steel Snap stops corrosion, eliminating artifact in the tracing. Also contains a silver/silver chloride sensor.
  • Carbon Filled Snap is MR Conditional, can be worn during MRI scans but not actively in use, radiolucent, and contains a silver/silver chloride sensor.


  • Solid Gel is filled at the depth of the foam to allow for smooth, flat application. Solid gel aids in the adhesion of the electrode, (does not require clean up after use), and features a 24-month shelf life.
  • Wet Gel comes in a variety of chloride levels: 1% chloride content for an electrode gentler on the skin to 10% chloride content for an electrode that allows for quicker and more reliable traces. Features an 18-month shelf life.


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