Nissha Medical Technologies | Design & Manufacturing

Our Capabilities

Our experts bring extensive knowledge, innovative design,
and manufacturing expertise to collaborative product development.

Nissha Medical Technologies | Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

NMT | Design & Manufacturing provides total solutions. We serve as your trusted partner in medical device joint development and contract manufacturing. We provide prototyping, scale-up, and production for innovative new devices.

By partnering with the innovators of today, we provide cost-effective healthcare solutions for tomorrow.


We design, develop, prototype, and manufacture customized electrodes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to overcome any patient monitoring challenge.

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Flex Circuitry

We print in a wide variety of inks, substrates, and trace thicknesses to meet the electrical performance specifications our customers require.

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Wire & Cables

We design and manufacture reusable and single-use cables suitable to every need.

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Injection Molding

Our experts leverage vertically integrated tool-making to support our exacting approach to medical molding.

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We provide in-house lubricous coating capabilities in addition to adhesive and super-hydrophilic coatings.

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Conductive Hydrogels

We provide wet gels, dispense-and-cure solid gels, and roll format solid gels.

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Supply Chain

Our highly efficient supply chain includes well qualified and approved suppliers — as well as proper incoming inspecting at the component level.

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Tool Fabrication

We have a fully functional machine shop and tool making operation, allowing vertical integration for full control of tool making.

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Rapid Prototyping

On-site staff of trained development technicians (machine shop and custom tooling) can quickly create prototypes for your development needs.

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Flexible automation platforms allow for initial, partial automation and a seamless transition to full automation.

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Program Management

Experienced and trusted project managers ensure project remains on schedule and follows best practices.

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